The New Jim Crow

   Mass incarceration is a common reality today. As time goes on, it will become increasingly worst. Michele Alexander was absolutely correct when she re-named incarceration, “The New Jim Crow.” Incarceration has its systemic effects and affects one out of every ten families. As an advocate of the prophetic call and Social Justice this is more than a travesty before man and God, it is the epitome of cultural and social violence.

   In a recent article read from the internet, “a new study finds that federal drug policy didn’t just send more black men to jail, it also locked them out of higher education.” Given this reality it is understood that being locked out of college it also locks “one out of the benefits that come along with s college degree.”

   Having recently returned from a wonderful educational spiritual conference, I am reminded of the intentionality that preachers and proclaimers of the Word must have and exercise as they faithfully proclaim the Word of God relating that Word it to their current milieu. What do we intentionally see occurring in our “neck of the woods? This is not a rhetorical question.

   We see disparity in our neighborhoods. We see social and economic inequity in our neighborhoods. We see the lack of community engagement just to name a few, even though there is hope against hope that all of these “maladies” can be reversed and we can re-claim our rightful God-given positions as his children, productive kings and queens anointed and appointed “for such a time as this (Est. 4:14b).

Until next time stayed “tapped into” there is more to come!

Serving in His Fullness,
Rev. Dr. Alicia J. Malone