Recreation, Education and Fun... "in the sun!"

            Children are such a precious gift to humanity, in our honest opinion! Their laughter and the element of adventure and surprise always results in a smile upon our faces as we watch with a nurturing and responsible eye. That was the aura of the day during the one-day 18th Annual David S. Mosley Camp. The day began as the result of the support from the Akron Bar Foundation, Peterman Bus Company providing the transportation. In addition, we were blessed to gather at the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, where we gathered awaiting everyone's ’arrival.

            The children were excited to learn the “order” of the day and that every hour would be filled with excitement and opportunities to learn in the midst of nature. After a short instructional time and brief devotion, we catapulted into our theme: “Transformation,” and began our day.

            First time experiences are always illuminating for first timers. As the children took the long and winding road to the horse stables, there was laughter and a spirit of exploration. The Junior Camp Counselors and Counselor Stephany Johnson used the opportunity for a teaching moment along the way. For example, “leaves of three leave be,” most know that as poison ivy; differentiating oak leaves, acorn leaves, and such. Since we had a much younger crowd who had not had a previous camp experience, it was all so alluring.

            To see the smiles and “no fear” upon their faces as they were directed and taught “how to be-friend” the horses prior to mounting and riding was special. Most inner city children never get this real life experience as was the case with ours, so it was extremely beneficial. Some children have had life experiences that keep them on them “outskirts” of interaction, and as such we call them marginalized, in which, our expectation is to abate that word and condition,” one day!

            After that experience we had lunch and engaged in a workshop filled with questions, “aha” and “wonderment” moments. The children were exposed to canoe riding and frolicking in the yard with team building games. Overall, camp was a great experience for all. Yes it was short but qualitative and we are grateful to our entire group of supporters.

            In closing, Bondage Breakers, Incorporated will celebrate over 30 years of ministerial service to the incarcerated and their children in the greater Akron area and throughout the State of Ohio. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with the program to begin at 6:00p.m. On Friday, November 15, 2019. The event will be held at St. George’s Fellowship Centre located at 3204 Ridgewood Road in Fairlawn. Our theme for the evening is: ”Break Every Chain.” Our guest speaker is Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle, PhD who recently retired from Colgate Rochester Crozer, Theological Seminary.

            Come join us for a time of celebration, awards and community engagement. Visit our website at where tickets can be purchased, we are looking forward to seeing you at this very special event.


Dr. Alicia J. Malone, Founder and Executive Director

Contact: 330-701-0576